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Snap Crackle & Pop Art

30th September 2014

Jessica Siskin otherwise known as Misterkrisp is a rice krispie artist.  You name it she can make it.   Via: Misterkrisp Rice Krispie Treats have taken the form of Hello Kitty, Teenage Mutant… Read more

pizza burger -

The Pizza Burger Is Back

26th September 2014

We love monster meal mash-ups hear at, and have found yet another mammoth pizza burger hiding down the back of the internet. This beast, by US food blogger Dude Foods, features a preposterous… Read more

rhino pancake -

Pancake Art

26th September 2014

Nathan Shields may just be the coolest dad ever. Instead of making run of the mil pancakes for his son he has turned the normally average breakfast into pieces of art.     Normal pancakes… Read more

Bizarre Bug Sweets

Bizarre Bug Sweets

26th September 2014

Looking for something a little different to snack on? What about these incredibly scarily realistic gummy sweet bugs. Perfect for halloween you say, afraid you’ll have to trek to Japan to buy… Read more


Jawbreakers- How They’re Made

24th September 2014

Have you ever wondered how a Gobstopper is made? Ever pondered what makes them so tough? Turns out it’s way more complicated than we thought. That and a whole lot of sugar… Via: How It’s… Read more

New Takeaways on - September

New Takeaways on – September

23rd September 2014

Every month are on the road signing up some of your favouite local takeaways. Check out some of the new takeaways now available online on You can order from the app tonight!… Read more