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Festival Food Survey Infographic!

Festival Food Survey Infographic!

20th August 2014

We took all of your replies and made a cool infographic showing just what YOU would like at a music festival!  There are some really interesting results, so be sure to have a read below. Make sure… Read more

Chipper -

What’s Better For You – Chipper Edition

15th August 2014

Bold – Battered sausage This meaty monster has got to be among the naughtiest of the chip shop dwellers. Dipping something in batter and deep-frying it may make it inexplicably tasty, but the fact… Read more

chocolate lego

Play With Your Food – Chocolate Lego

15th August 2014

A Japanese illustrator and designer has made our childhood dreams come true by creating chocolate Lego. Chocking hazard no more, the bricks are made by pouring the warm chocolate mix into precisely… Read more


The Truth behind Midnight Munchies

15th August 2014

We all remember it – Mam’s advice that a snack before bedtime is a huge no-no. Turns out, that’s absolute rubbish. Some clever dieticians at TIME mag have revealed that a cheeky snack before… Read more

Canned Ice-Cream Sundae Exists!

Canned Ice-Cream Sundae Exists!

15th August 2014

Remember cronuts? The weird croissant-doughnut hybrid that took the world by storm for about, er, two weeks? Dominique Ansel, the creator, has gone one step further in the world of weird food –… Read more

Are you the curryspondent

Curryspondent Winner!

11th August 2014 was on the hunt for our official CURRYSPONDENT for Electric Picnic 2014. Thanks to everyone that applied,we were inundated with thousands of amazing entries!   Here’s our amazing… Read more